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Surge Protector

Residential Surge Voltage Protection

Total Home Protection 

Today's modern home is filled with appliances and electronics that require protection from surges. A surge is a brief burst of energy that can enter through a home's power, cable, and telephone lines, causing damage to dishwashers, refrigerators, TVs, computers, and more. Siemens' FirstSurge devices are designed to stop surges before they enter in order to prevent that damage from happening and protect the whole house

Features and Benefits

  • Surge Current Capacity – FirstSurge offers three different surge protector sizes based 
    upon geographic location and thunderstorm activity. 
  • 3-Stage Diagnostics – When FirstSurge wears out, the protection status LEDs extinguish, 
    an audible alarm beeps, and a red service light flashes to warn the homeowner. 
  • Modes of Protection – The electrical system's primary paired conductor combinations 
    of L-N, L-G, and N-G are directly surge protected. 
  • Balanced VPR Protection – All primary paired conductors are surge protected in a 
    balanced manner with 600V UL1449 VPRs. 
  • Ground Reference Monitoring – GRM diagnostics monitor the health of a home's neutral 
    to ground bond and alert the homeowner if the bond becomes loose, preventing a 
    potential safety issue. 
  • Safety – FirstSurge can achieve UL1449 listed 100kA SCCR, one of the highest ratings 
    for residential surge protection.

  • UL 1449 Listed, Type 2, Surge Protective Device (SPD) 
  • Rated for 120/240 split phase panels up to 400A 
  • Surge Current Capacities: - 60,000 A - 100,000 A - 140,000 A 
  • 3-stage commercial grade notification 
  • Ground Reference Monitoring (GRM) 
  • Installs onto any brand load center 
  • Type 4 rated outdoor enclosure 
  • 10-year product and connected equipment warranty


Technical Specifications

AC Surge Protection
Surge Spike Capacity FirstSurge™ Power (FS060)  60,000A 
FirstSurge™ Plus (FS100)    100,000A 
FirstSurge™ Pro (FS140)     140,000A
Line Voltage 120/240 1 Phase 50/60 HZ
UL 1449 3rd Ed VPR L-N: 600 V 
L-G: 600 V 
N-G: 600 V 
L-L: 900 V
Rated Voltage 150V L-N, L-G, N-G, 300V L-L
Response Time <1 nanosecond

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